My main focuspoints are, among others:


accute and chronic pain

- backpain

- any other ailment of the musculoskeletal system

- tenseness in the nape, shoulder area, treatment of the cervical spine

- headache and migraine


psychosomatic ailments

- burnout syndrome

- stress symptoms

- sleep disorders, nervousness, restlessness, depressive mood


thyroid disfunction

independent treatment, or, in severe cases, concomitant or treatment complementary to allopathic treatments in cases of:

- subnormal functioning of the thyroid

- above normal functioning of the thyroid

- Hashimoto Thyreoiditis

- Morbus Basedow


This list is only en excerpt of the ailments I treat. You can contact me any time to ask me about any other ailment or doubts.


The treatment is chosen - also in combinations - depending on the patient´s needs among these options:


ayurvedic medicine


biodynamic craniosacral therapy

deep fascia treatment, deep tissue massage, triggerpoint massage, shiatsu

yoga therapy

respiratory therapy and relaxing methods

Svenja Becker, HP, M.A.

Scaravelli Yoga  

Körper-und Bewegungstherapie



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